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Gray & Son offer a range of bird proofing to suit your individual needs.


Spring Wire

Our spring wire systems will prevent pest birds from landing on your building and can be installed delicately without damaging stonework.

Pigeon & bird proofing: Spring wire system, Spiking, Netting

Pigeon fouling removal & cleaning

An infestation of pest birds such as pigeons can cause serious helath, environmental and safety issues. Harmful bacteria can be found in faeces, that also stain buildings and can be slipping hazards. Such contamination requires specialist cleaning and disinfectants which we can provide with our top quality fouling removal service.

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Protect your business from perching pest birds with our top quality pigeon and bird proofing, call us any time on:

Pigeon Spiking

We also offer blunted pigeon spiking for a humane but effective prevention of perching pigeons.


Bird Netting

Bird netting is one of the most popular choices for bird proofing and comes in a range of colours to blend in with any style of building.