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A species is defined as a pest usually because it's perceived to be detrimental to health, ecology or economy. Below is a list of the common pests you might encounter; pests that we can help you manage. If you have any pest concerns, call us today for FREE, no-obligation advice.

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Types of Pest

Garden ants' explorations often lead them into the home where, not only do they pose a hygiene risk, they can even cause damage to brick and mortar.


A tiny parasitic insect that feeds on your blood, these pests can cause skin rashes and allergic symptoms. We can diagnose and eliminate the problem.

One of the most commonly noticed pests, cockroaches cause hygiene problems and health effects. Cleanliness can prevent their occurrence.

Fleas feed on both animal and human blood and are notoriously tenacious. We can effectively remove fleas from your home.


Moles are considered agricultural pests, contaminating silage and reducing harvest yields. They also damage residential gardens.


Moth caterpillars are both agricultural and household pests, destroying crops and fabric. You might have noticed their damage to clothing.


Pigeon droppings spread serious diseases such as Psittacosis and others. They can be deterred using  birds of prey, nets and spikes.


Rats are notorious and potentially deadly pests. Their parasites are widely believed to carry dangerous pathogens. Call us immediately if you see a rat.

The grey squirrel is both an agricultural pest and an urban pest. They cause damage to plantations, roof timbers, electrical wiring and plumbing.


Wasps are often household annoyances. They can also be highly dangerous and proximity to nests can be potentially fatal. We can remove them safely.

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Seen something familiar?

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Mice can be vermin, damaging crops, spreading disease and even causing damage to buildings. If you've noticed mice, make sure to give us a call.

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If you're being bothered by any of the below pests, don't hesitate to contact Gray & Son for quick and effective solutions.